With a love and a passion for the final product, we work closely with our partners to develop innovative complete solutions.

Rens Bakery Solutions

Respecting the craft of baking.

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Puff pastry

We offer solutions for: Cutting, stacking decorating and many more.

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Craftsmanship within craftsmanship

From small bakery to large scale production: there’s an efficient solution for everything. Thanks to our many years of experience, we can devise creative solutions which increase your bakery output.


Thanks to the experience of our team, both in the bakery and on the machine side of things, we are familiar with the processes and challenges of our clients. And we translate this to fitting solutions.

Manual work

Out of respect for the trade, the end product is always our main focus. So your product is always our starting point. 

Carefree production

We are aware of the strict regulations within the food sector. That is why we always make sure that our solutions fit the requirements. 

Our approach


Based on your request, we always take a good look at your specific wishes. We take inventory of all the conditions and frameworks that the solution must comply with. 

After taking inventory, we propose a design. Once approved, this design will be the blueprint for the solution that we will develop. 

During the next phase, the installation will be developed and assembled. Afterwards, it will be installed in its location, and it will be ready to use. 

It is part of our service to offer user support and maintenance, and if new wishes arise, we will work on fulfilling them for you. 

More about us

Ad van Mourik - owner Bankethuis

"Rens Bakery Solutions differences itself by providing real customization based solutions in needs of the costumers. After an inventory of the production process, automation solutions were designed and realized. The collaboration has brought us another step forward in the field of hygiene, quality and capacity."