About Rens Bakery Solutions

About Rens Bakery Solutions

“Respecting the craft of baking.”

Elegant, rich in flavour and a delight to the eye. Consumers are increasingly on the look-out for honest products made using traditional methods and on sale at an attractive price. From a freshly baked cake to oh-so-delicious petits fours – anything goes when it comes to creating a welcoming moment of pleasure shared between family and friends.

With over 20 years of experience, we understand our trade and have respect for the craft. The challenges of the modern age are nothing new to us and we know more than anyone that bread, baked goods and pastries need to be processed more effectively, more rapidly and more conveniently.

Quality is the pride of true craftmanship. With a love and a passion for the final product, we work closely with u to develop innovative complete solutions. User-friendly, hygienic and cost-saving. Customer-specific solutions that take ambition and challenge as their starting point and ensure efficiency in production.


Johan van Rens  

For the company’s owner Johan van Rens, the desire to make bakery processes more efficient began when he was young. His passion for technology, in particular, was instilled by his father. Much to his mother's dismay, because when he got home from school Johan would run straight into the workshop to use the circular saw, without changing his clothes and leaving his overall on the peg.  

It was not just technology that made Johan’s heart beat faster. After working as a mechanic for several years, he eventually found his way to food technology where he became head of technical services at Nissin Foods. It was during this period that he developed a taste for working with real raw materials. He learned the challenges of processing foodstuffs. He then moved to Bakkersland and saw so many opportunities for automating making pastries. He had found his challenge: creating delicious, almost traditional, bakery products, with the help of efficient machines.  

Craftsmanship within craftsmanship

From small bakery to large scale production: there’s an efficient solution for everything. Thanks to our many years of experience, we can devise creative solutions which increase your bakery output.


Thanks to the experience of our team, both in the bakery and on the machine side of things, we are familiar with the processes and challenges of our clients. And we translate this to fitting solutions.

Manual work

Out of respect for the trade, the end product is always our main focus. So your product is always our starting point. 

Carefree production

We are aware of the strict regulations within the food sector. That is why we always make sure that our solutions fit the requirements. 

Our team

Due to the experience within our team, both in the bakery and on the machine side, we know the processes and challenges of our customers.

Sales people

Your needs form the basis. By carrying out a good inventory of the needs and current bottlenecks, it is possible to give shape to the direction of the solution. Your wishes and current situation (on-site) contribute to an action plan.


Using the information obtained, we consider the opportunities and a first draft is up. We visualize your machine line and provide you with technical information. This is the start of the development stage for creating a definitive design.

Team engineering

The design is used to continue the production of the required components.

Assembly engineers

All components are assembled at our production site in Sevenum (Limburg, the Netherlands). Here, we have at our disposal all the tools and machines required in order to set up and realize a working machine line.

Service department

Because our own service department can offer you the right preventive maintenance, possible defects are kept to an absolute minimum.

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