High-quality Bakery Machines 

Our bakery machines are custom-made as a standard, but of course, a good solution is often applicable multiple times. That's why we have developed a number of fixed modules that can be purchased as-is. Our bakery machines are of high quality and are produced with the utmost care.

If you are looking for a standard solution for your cutting needs, we have a suitable machine for you. Our modules include (ultrasonic) cutting machines that are suitable for various types of pastries. These cake cutting machines are highly precise and ensure consistent results.

So whether you are looking for a bakery machine, pastry machine, a cake slicing machine, a filling machine, or a dosing machine, we have the expertise to meet your needs. Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your specific requirements.


Compact ultrasonic cutting machine UC-200

The compact UC-200 can be placed on your own workbench or be equipped with an undercarriage with a warehouse for the product carriers. With its limited size, there is always room for this exceller in cutting technique. 

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Ultrasonic cutting machine UC-400

The UC-400 can cut almost every type of cake: from rectangular traybakes to round cakes. Cakes, fruit flans, biscuit and shortbread dough, decorated with fruit and much more.

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Ultrasonic cutting in line UC-600

The UC-600 is a larger version of the UC-400. This machine requires less manual intervention than the UC-400. Thanks to the ultrasonic cutting technique, cakes and pastries can be cut very neatly in straight lines, without contamination.

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cutting-machine-for-puff-pastry-mille-feuilles-small-pastry-ultrasonic-creme slices-creme slice-sponge cake - cake -

Cutting machine for puff pastry and millefeuilles HSC 1-12

Cutting puff pastry and millefeuilles is an art in itself. And, of course, we have a solution for this too. The HSC 1-12 cutting machine is specifically designed for freshly baked products with multiple layers of different consistencies.

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Cutting machine for halving fruit flans BSC-400

Fruit flans often contain wet ingredients. This presents an additional challenge to processing to avoid contamination. It’s also important not to leave any product on the cutting machine itself. The BSC-400 offers the perfect solution for this.

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EC-400 - Snijden bevroren appeltaarten - cutting frozen cakes - Snijden gebak - snijden appeltaart - punten appeltaart - automatisch snijden appeltaart - snijden bevroren producten - hoge capaciteit - tot 1800 stuks per uur appeltaart snijden- -21 graden

Cutting machine for frozen products (-20 °C) EC-400

The EC-400 cake cutter is specially designed to cut round and heavy viscous products. The special blades and blade motions allow you to cut the cake into portions very precisely and at high speed.

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Butter cutter BC-600

With the BC-600 cutter from Rens Bakery Solutions, you can cut blocks into your desired portion size in no time. An acceleration of your process with the technique that suits the product. (Butter, margarine and organic fats)


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Dosing machine DP-600

The DP-600 dosing machine can be integrated into an existing line and functions as a standalone machine. Whipped cream, fruit filling, creams and other viscous products are dosed and applied with ease, simplifying and speeding up the production process.

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Temperature control tank TCT 50-600

With the double-walled hot kettle of the TCT 50-600 machine, ingredients are heated and kept at temperature by the "au bain-marie" method. 

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Multispot Depositor

Multispot Depositor Dosing of different products

The multispot depositor can be integrated into an existing line and is suitable for dosing products varying in viscosity. For example, whipped cream, fruit fillings and creams can be dosed easily and with a high capacity.

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Glaze Coater

Glaze Coater Machine that applies a layer of jelly

This powerful glaze machine effortlessly provides cakes with a beautiful layer of jelly, thanks to several nozzles. The jelly is applied with ease and precision, while the machine can be placed in different positions along the line.

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Pizza Slicer

Pizza Slicer Ultrasonic cutting of pizza or focaccia

The pizza slicer is a variant of the UC-600. Thanks to the ultrasonic cutting technology, pizza can be cut very cleanly, straight and sharply. In two directions at the same time!

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Side coating machine

Side coating machine Edge garnish of pastry

With this machine we make it possible to easily and efficiently place nuts, chocolate shavings and other toppings on the side of cream cakes.

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Cake Cutter

Cake Cutter Compact cutting machine for products at -20°

Our new Cake Cutter is specially designed to cut cakes down to -20℃ with ease, adding versatility and efficiency to your bakery. A compact design.

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Pastry coating machine - enrobing

Enrobing machine Dipping and covering products

Whether you want to use fondant, chocolate, butter or jelly, this machine ensures an even and professional covering. A versatile and reliable total solution!

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High Shear Mixer for Efficient Premix Processing

Premix machine High Shear mixer

Optimize the premix process with our advanced High Shear Mixer. Designed for efficiency and precision, this machine ensures thorough mixing and consistent results, leading to high productivity.

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About Our Bakery Machines 

Our industrial bakery and machines are suitable for various applications, such as cutting cakes (both fresh and frozen) and portioning and decorating pastries. Additionally, we also offer flexible semi-automatic or fully automatic production lines that can handle the entire confectionery production.

Customization is our standard 

Rens Bakery Solutions provides tailor-made bakery machines because we understand that every bakery has its own unique products and production processes. Your product is our starting point. With our years of experience and expertise in building bakery machines, we can help optimize your production process and take your bakery to the next level.

Dosing Machines

Our dosing and metering machines can be integrated into an existing line or function as a stand-alone machine. Cream, fruit fillings, creams, and other viscous products are easily dosed and applied. Discover the precision and reliability of a dosing machine from Rens Bakery Solutions.

Cutting Machines 

We offer a wide range of cutting and machines for the (industrial) baker. Our machines are designed to cut accurately and efficiently, regardless of the product type. Whether it's frozen or baked products, large or small pastries, we have the right cutting solution for your product. We have experience in making cutting machines for puff pastry products, cakes, fruit pies, butter, cheese, sheet cakes, pizza, and more.

Ultrasonic Cutting 

With our advanced ultrasonic cutting technology, you can increase the productivity and quality of your (baking) process. The ultrasonic cutting machines accurately cut cakes, sheet cakes, or pizzas without any distortion, ensuring a perfect finish.

Cake Slicing machine

Discover the ultimate precision and efficiency in cake cutting with Rens Bakery Solutions' innovative cake slicing machines. Designed to deliver consistent and flawless slices, our machines elevate your bakery's productivity and presentation.

Puff Pastry Machines 

Are you looking for a high-quality coating machine for your bakery, pastry shop, or chocolate shop? We have a pastry machine specially designed to cover your pastries, cakes, and cookies with delicious chocolate. Our pastry machines are available in various sizes and models, so you can always find a machine that suits your specific needs and requirements.

Decorating Machines 

A decorating machine offers numerous benefits and applications for bakeries, pastry shops, and chocolate shops. With a decorating machine, you can quickly and easily decorate cakes and pastries with beautiful and creative patterns of buttercream, whipped cream, or chocolate. Additionally, a decorating machine is also ideal for dosing nuts or other sprinkles.

Filling Machine 

A filling machine is an essential machine for any bakery, pastry shop, or chocolate shop. It allows for quick and easy filling of various products, such as croissants, muffins, donuts, boules, éclairs, and cakes. Moreover, a filling machine ensures even distribution of the filling, resulting in consistent and high-quality products.

Ad van Mourik - owner Bankethuis

"Rens Bakery Solutions differences itself by providing real customization based solutions in needs of the costumers. After an inventory of the production process, automation solutions were designed and realized. The collaboration has brought us another step forward in the field of hygiene, quality and capacity."