A lovely project for Bankethuis

A lovely project for Bankethuis

We were allowed to deliver a project for whipped cream cakes for Bankethuis. We make these as user-friendly as possible. Not only the production should be simple, but cleaning up afterwards as well. Especially when working with ingredients like whipped cream, fruit fillings or other products that can cause smearing. Hygiene is a very important aspect in the food sector, so proper attention must be paid to the cleaning process.
Johan van Rens

Johan van Rens

A project to be proud of

Every single project that we do, gives us a lot of energy. We were able to use a lot of aspects of our knowledge and experience for our project for Bankethuis. That is what made this project extra special.

Bankethuis is a real family business, one we are happy to work for. They have a pleasant company culture and they really care about hygiene. Bankethuis supplies pastries to big retailers. From cakes to pies and flans to schnitts, they have all kinds of pastry in their range. 

The main focus of this project was to compile, fill and cut schnitts and round and square cream cakes. Our task was to find the best optimalisations, and to design and realise a complete solution. 


From manual to automatic

The production process at Bankethuis had a lot of manual work. While the schnitts were all on a conveyor belt, compilation, filling and cutting work was all done by hand. An intense and most of all time-consuming job. We looked at the optimal mix of automation and manual work. The line was explained for rectangular and round pastries with different construction methods. Given the desired flexibility, all machines have been made movable.


Because wet cleaning takes place in pastry bakeries, equipment is required to withstand the prevailing "rough" conditions. Cleaning agents and high-pressure cleaning are a daily routine here.

Our equipment is IP69K certified, which significantly reduces water ingress into the delicate controls or motors. Any connectors have been drastically reduced because we have used wireless communication. This prevents unnecessary disruptions or downtime.

The result? A versatile all-rounder that fits the current location perfectly.

The end result

The attached video shows how the machine was constructed. The open structure of the machine stands out the most. Thanks to this structure, any soiled surfaces are clearly visible and thus easy to clean. 

Furthermore, the line has been designed to limit residual products as much as possible. The whole line can easily be operated via one user-friendly panel, which makes it easy to switch between schnitts and cream cakes. We have created a machine that offers optimal effective innovation as well as user-friendliness. 

Ad van Mourik - owner Bankethuis

"Rens Bakery Solutions differences itself by providing real customization based solutions in needs of the costumers. After an inventory of the production process, automation solutions were designed and realized. The collaboration has brought us another step forward in the field of hygiene, quality and capacity."