Assembling with precision in Sweden

Assembling with precision in Sweden

Almondy is giving us the opportunity to work on an extremely beautiful project. Almondy is the expert when it comes to almond pastry in Sweden. Every country, sometimes even every region, has its own specialities in the field of pastries and confectionery. That is the beauty of the work we do. We are dealing with a very diverse palette of ingredients and techniques. We really see the idea of coming up with a specific solution for a customer as a sport. Since we are so competitive, winning is the only option! This way we collaborate to create an extremely beautiful end product.
Johan van Rens

Johan van Rens

From round to rectangular

When we think about a pie or cake, we think about a round shape. However, a round shape is not always desirable given the inefficiency it creates during the process and from a logistical point of view. That is why it was important for Almondy to switch to rectangular products in order to realise savings in transport costs, energy, raw materials and ultimately also for the environment. The transition from round to rectangular confectionery had to be integrated in the existing process. The framework within which this had to happen had to be communicated clearly in advance; the input, output and the limited space were fixed data. The solutions-offered-to-date offered by other suppliers did not meet Almondy’s expectations. They were all complex, expensive and extensive. Until they found us. Despite the necessary ingenuity, we make everything simple yet effective into an easy-to-operate machine.

Cake assembly line

The challenge 

Almondy’s requirements brought certain challenges with it. The Almondy product consists of four layers, two cream layers and two layers almond cake. All layers must be set according to the correct specifications, with extreme precision and accurate timing in one constant line. Since this installation had to be integrated into the current process and the production line for round products had to be maintained, there was only limited space available. To ensure that everything could be integrated into the compact space, we measured the current installation down to the millimetre and drew it. The existing line was used as a base for the design of the current line and projected together in a 3D concept drawing. By combining existing techniques with new ones, we can guarantee that the products are assembled with the highest precision. For this we use, among other things, the servo technology to be able to position accurately. This way we reach accuracy up to the millimetre! 

Ease of use as the standard

Almondy's automated machine, which is still in full use today, is very user-friendly. The machine is also seamlessly integrated into the work processes within Almondy. And we are not just talking about the processing process, but also about the cleaning afterwards. Due to the open structure of our machines, everything is easy to clean and resistant to high-pressure cleaning. The machine is fully IP69K equipped. This provides protection against the ingress of dust, water and other contaminants, even at high temperatures and high pressures. Within food processing we do not see this as a wish, but as a real must! 

We develop further 

We feel it is important to get a feeling for the product that will eventually be processed by the machine. By performing a thorough inventory of the current process and associated products in advance, we can offer a solution that perfectly matches the wishes of the company and the intended result. During the start-up phase, the line is handed over to the customer under supervision. We always plan with you to get the maximum result from the production process. Together with the client, we ensure that the line is set up in the best possible way. The operators are educated and trained during this process. Not satisfied? Then we are always looking for solutions and we find this guarantee more than obvious. And is your bakery thousand kilometres away? No problem! From the Netherlands we can easily make adjustments to the machine via Remote control. You can thus get started with an improved production process.