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Standard or customized bakery equipment solutions. Durable, professional machines to guarantee reliability and high capacity.

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A few of our solutions

Our highly customizable industrial bakery equipment can be expanded to full-fledged personalized machinery. Challenge us with your automation problems and we will solve them.


Ultrasonic cutting in line UC-600

The UC-600 is a larger version of the UC-400. This machine requires less manual intervention than the UC-400. Thanks to the ultrasonic cutting technique, cakes and pastries can be cut very neatly in straight lines, without contamination.

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Cutting machine for puff pastry and millefeuilles HSC 1-12

Cutting puff pastry and millefeuilles is an art in itself. And, of course, we have a solution for this too. The HSC 1-12 cutting machine is specifically designed for freshly baked products with multiple layers of different consistencies.

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Butter cutter BC-600

With the BC-600 cutter from Rens Bakery Solutions, you can cut blocks into your desired portion size in no time. An acceleration of your process with the technique that suits the product. (Butter, margarine and organic fats)


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Our success stories

Rens Bakery Solutions distinguishes itself by providing real customization based on the needs of the customer. After an inventory of the production process, automation solutions were designed and realized. The collaboration has brought us another step forward in terms of hygiene, quality and capacity


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