Solutions for traybakes

These days, bakers are faced with the challenge to offer their beautiful artisanal products with a rising demand for a lower price. They also have to meet strict quality and hygiene requirements. Thanks to our knowledge and experience, we know the challenges they face, making us the perfect partner. 

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Petits fours, brownies, Lebkuchen, granola bars, muesli bars, flapjacks, cake: the range of tray-baked products is enormous. The main thing that traybakes have in common is that they are made up of multiple layers with fillings such as bavarois, custard, whipped cream and/or fruit in between. The moist constituents in traybakes can cause smearing, which makes hygiene a particular challenge. We offer high-quality, tailored solutions for these hygiene issues.  

Thanks to our knowledge and experience, we are familiar with the challenges of our clients and we can help them look for a fitting automation solution, with retention of quality. Whether you want to make tompouce, apple turnovers or apfelstrudel, together we will find the perfect solution for everything! 

We have solutions for

  • Cutting
  • Compiling
  • Decorating
  • Filling
  • Covering
  • Gelling
  • Masking

Aside from these solutions, we also give advice on filling machines, permanent aerators, packing and labelling machines and transport systems. Don’t see the solution you need? Then we will think along with you about how we can help. 

What you can count on

  • High reliability
  • High capacity
  • Hygienic design
  • Efficient solutions
  • Customised work for your products and processes
  • High-quality machines

Craftsmanship within craftsmanship

From small bakery to large scale production: there’s an efficient solution for everything. Thanks to our many years of experience, we can devise creative solutions which increase your bakery output.


Thanks to the experience of our team, both in the bakery and on the machine side of things, we are familiar with the processes and challenges of our clients. And we translate this to fitting solutions.

Manual work

Out of respect for the trade, the end product is always our main focus. So your product is always our starting point. 

Carefree production

We are aware of the strict regulations within the food sector. That is why we always make sure that our solutions fit the requirements. 


We usually create unique production lines for our clients, but, of course, a good solution can be used repeatedly. And this is why we have a number of standard modules. These are solutions that can be bought individually. If you need something special, we’re more than happy to think along with you. 


Ultrasonic cutting machine UC-400

The UC-400 can cut almost every type of cake: from rectangular traybakes to round cakes. Cakes, fruit flans, biscuit and shortbread dough, decorated with fruit and much more.

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Ultrasonic cutting in line UC-600

The UC-600 is a larger version of the UC-400. This machine requires less manual intervention than the UC-400. Thanks to the ultrasonic cutting technique, cakes and pastries can be cut very neatly in straight lines, without contamination.

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cutting-machine-for-puff-pastry-mille-feuilles-small-pastry-ultrasonic-creme slices-creme slice-sponge cake - cake -

Cutting machine for puff pastry and millefeuilles HSC 1-12

Cutting puff pastry and millefeuilles is an art in itself. And, of course, we have a solution for this too. The HSC 1-12 cutting machine is specifically designed for freshly baked products with multiple layers of different consistencies.

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Ad van Mourik - owner Bankethuis

"Rens Bakery Solutions differences itself by providing real customization based solutions in needs of the costumers. After an inventory of the production process, automation solutions were designed and realized. The collaboration has brought us another step forward in the field of hygiene, quality and capacity."